The Art of Haiti - K-12


An award winning documentary by Chicago filmmaker Mark Mamalakis on the absorbing art movement that has emerged from the rage, poverty and passion of Haiti. The film jurtaposes images from everyday life with the radiant works of twelve painters and includes interviews with renowned artists Philome Obin and Rigaud Benoit. The Art of Haiti delves into the roots of Haitian art in the daily life, history and culture of the people and explores the uneasy co-existence of Christian and Vodoun beliefs through detailed retrospectives of artists influenced by the Vodoun religion, Hector Hyppolite and Andre Pierre. The documentary also serves as a permanent record of the beautiful murals of the Cathedrale Sainte Trinite in Port-au-Prince, filmed years before the church was destroyed during the earthquake of 2010.

“The film would be excellent for classes in Black History and Culture, Latin American studies, Art and Art History and Social Studies. A wonderful way to present the history and daily culture of Haiti to your students.” - Northeast  Conference on the Teaching of Languages

“A skillfully edited work which makes effective use of color and music. The Art of Haiti can be highly recommended to those interested in art and in Black and Caribbean culture.” -  Library Journal

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